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  StowAway Retractable Screen Doors  


"The StowAway Retractable Screen is definitely a brand we will recommend to everyone in our neighborhood. The StowAway Screen has given us the view of our beautiful front yard. By putting the retractable screens on our double door entry, we are now able to open our front doors and enjoy the scenery along with the fresh air and clear view!"

J. & D. Johnson
(Los Angeles, California)

"I've lived at my house for 16 years and I have never opened my French doors for ventilation before my StowAway retractable screens were installed. Now I open them all the time. Your service was outstanding and professional."

Pamela L
(Orange County, California)

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StowAway Retractable Screen Doors

StowAway Retractable Screen Doors have developed many names over the years such as Invisible Screen Doors, Hide-Away Screens, Vanishing Screens, and Disappearing Screen Doors. The StowAway Screen System can be applied to any Door or Window opening at a home or business to provide that crystal clear view that you have always desired.

Lorge Fabrication Inc. located in Anaheim Hills, California is the fabricator and distributor of the StowAway Retractable Screen Door product line for all of California, Nevada & Hawaii.

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